Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many files instead of one?

Is the IDMP Ontology final?

No it will be further developed with a long term governance/maintenace concept behind.

Are there examples how to use the IDMP Ontology?

Do I need to follow the IDMP Ontology completely? Do I can make changes in my implementation to it?

What is the commons Ontology? How is this connected to the IDMP Ontology?

What is IDMP and problem statement?
What is the solution?
Why an ontology and not a Relational Database?
What is the function of IDMP-O in the presence of a RIM system?
How pharma companies plan to use the IDMP Ontology?
Which use cases?
What is our EcoSystem?
How do we govern the project?
What are the different engagement levels?